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Are you a reseller?

Get better margins on cloud products by becoming a reseller

Why choose us as your cloud services provider?

We are a

Microsoft Direct CSP

Our offering includes

WithSecure & 3CX

All of our products are

White Label

You retain


Product Control

Better budget control with

Monthly Billing,

One Invoice

We offer

Flexible Pricing &

Reseller Discounts

What’s on offer?


Microsoft Cloud Solutions


File and site recovery


3CX and Skype for Business


Broadband, fibre optics and lease lines


Business protection & vulnerability scanner

Become a Reseller

Everything you need to be a reseller

Independent product management

As a reseller, you have complete control of your porfolio of products, with real-time access to the vendor marketplace.

For ease of onward billing we also offer a platform to allocate all your cloud services directly to each of your customers.

What's the deal?

  • Independent license control
  • Direct interface with vendor marketplace
  • Purchase new products, increase or decrease seats
  • Optional use of our billing platform for itemised end user invoicing

Benefits of being a reseller

Regular billing cycle and single invoice for all products

Preferred rates means better margins

Pay only for the seats you need and use

Wide range of services from several distributors

Self-managed licenses, adjust seats in real-time

Flexible pricing structure to suit your requirements

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